When May, a bright young chef, is finally cast in television’s newest cooking show, Super Iron Cooking Chef, she’s sure that her life is about to change forever. But her quirky, passionate, and bizarre co-contestants aren’t quite what she was expecting. Who will become the next Super Iron Cooking Chef? Who will fall in love? And are the rumors true that Barrack Obama is a guest judge? All this and more will be revealed in the exciting new musical Super Iron Cooking Chef!

Production History

Super Iron Cooking Chef began as an idea hatched I hatched with Conrad Spiekerman and Henry Whittington in the summer of 2014.  I wrote a short, fifteen minute, one-act version of the musical for Holy Names Academy's 2015 New Works Festival, titled Super Hellfire Cooking Man.  The show was a success at the festival, garnering several awards for both its performers and its overall impact.  After being selected as Black Tie Productions' 2015 Summer Musical, other co-writers were recruited in order to complete the show, and the musical had performances in July 2015.


Production Information

Creative Team:

  • Music by Travis Frank

  • Lyrics by Travis Frank, Nora Germani, and Noah Hazzard

  • Book by Nora Germani, Grace Heller, Bretta Marie Blankenau, Amelia Miller, Conrad Spiekerman, and Henry Whittington

  • Direction by Noah Hazzard

  • Music Direction by Travis Frank

  • Choreography by Margaret Dauer

  • Conducted by Travis Frank

  • Stage Management by Amanda Balter

  • Assistant Direction by Grace Heller

  • Associate Music Direction by Annie Stanger


  • May - Camaira Metz

  • Billy - Coulter Dittman

  • Helen - Madi Lieberman-Koenig

  • Amontillado - Ingamar Christophersen

  • Mercedes - Hannah Probst

  • Dave - Sam Johns

  • Cooper - Bretta McCall and Molly Whitson

  • Autumn - Logan Wahl

  • Gertrude - Alexandra Kineman

  • Daxton - Diego Roberts Buceta

  • Alfredo - Lica Hennings

  • Simon - Henry Whittington

  • Patricia - Sloane Ro

  • Howie - Aidan Carroll

  • Guest Judge - Duncan Star-Boszko and Will Erstad

  • Voice of God - James Williams and Dan Ostrander



  • Woodwind 1 (Oboe) - McKenzie Riley

  • Woodwind 2 (Clarinet in Bb) - Emma Casper

  • Woodwind 3 (Tenor Sax/Clarinet in Bb) - Elena Imel

  • Trumpet - Mason Lim

  • Euphonium/Tuba - Grace Paananen

  • Guitars - Jonny Cechony

  • Electric Bass - Stella Stanard

  • Piano/Conductor - Travis Frank

  • Violin/Synth - Esme Lafi

  • Viola - Zsa Zsa Toms and Leanne Kehoe

  • Cello - Chessa Casper