Snow White never liked her name.  All of her life she had been teased by children in school, struggling under the weight of expectations. But when a Queen in a far-off kingdom wishes for the daughter she always wanted, Snow is pulled into the very world she's heard of every day of her life.  But she's not alone in her journey.  Black Tie Productions invites you to experience the magic of Mirror, Mirror, a story about sisterhood, family, and the power of true love (hint: it doesn't have to come from a prince).

Production History

I partnered with book writer and co-lyricist Megan Ruppel to write Mirror, Mirror after the revised reading of Reprise in August of 2015. The show was developed over the course of eight months, and was premiered as Black Tie Productions' 2016 Summer Musical.  The musical ran at 12th Avenue Arts in Seattle to several sold-out audiences.


Production Information

Creative Team:

  • Music by Travis Frank

  • Lyrics by Travis Frank and Megan Ruppel

  • Book by Megan Ruppel

  • Direction by Camaira Metz

  • Music Direction by Elena Imel

  • Choreography by Anna Vizzare

  • Conducted by Elena Imel

  • Stage Managed by Sofia Thompson

  • Assistant Direction by Michael Grace Fisher

  • Assistant Music Direction by Annie Stanger

  • Assistant Choreography by Grace Heller

  • Assistant Stage Management by Endora Lazzar-Williams


  • Snow - Cassidy Murphy

  • Snow #1 - Gabi Marshall

  • Snow #2 - Alyssa Garcia / Betty Schwensen

  • Snow #3 - Aidyn Stevens

  • Rose Red - Joslyn Nielson

  • Queen Isadora - Ally Kineman

  • Queen Isabella - Cora Tipping

  • Huntsman - Sam Johns / Diego Roberts-Buceta

  • Jakob - Dave Rowell

  • Wilhelm - Scotty MicKinney

  • Snow's Mother - Jillian Nielson

  • Mirrors - Timothy Doorenbos / Claire Martin / J'Dyn Plater

  • Ensemble - Jeremy Berdin / Liliana Miller



  • Trumpet - Ben Siler

  • Alto Saxophone / Horn - Max Kauffman

  • Alto Saxophone - Lachlan Imel

  • Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone - Maya Glenn

  • Trombone - Parker Crotty

  • Baritone Saxophone - Erica Dahl

  • Guitars - Jonny Cechony

  • Keyboards - Kaia Stoez

  • Bass - David Tabakian

  • Percussion - Aidan Ward-Richter