Best Direction - Travis Frank and Kirsten Westmoreland


Glitter: A Musical Parody follows the now familiar characters of the Twilight Sage by Stephenie Meyer. Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the myriad cast of characters in the Twilight books come alive on stage in this parody, sure to leave audiences in hysterics. The plot centers around the rivalry between Jacob and Edward for Bella's affections, as well as the Volturi and their archaic vampiric laws. Glitter pokes merciless fun of Twilight, all the while praising the characters and the fun in the story. 

Production History

Glitter: A Musical Parody was my first original musical, and it was written with Kirsten Westmoreland during the summer of 2012.  After completing the libretto and score, the musical went into production and was performed in April 2013.  In order to mount the production, the Frank and Westmoreland Company was founded, and soon afterwards the name was changed to Black Tie Productions. 

Production Information

Creative Team:

  • Music by Travis Frank

  • Book and Lyrics by Travis Frank and Kirsten Westmoreland

  • Direction by Kirsten Westmoreland

  • Musical Direction and Accompaniment by Travis Frank


  • The Vampires

    • Edward - Bryce Walsh

    • Carlisle - Sam Johns

    • Esme - Hannah Probst

    • Emmett - Sam Sturgeon

    • Rosalie - Bretta McCall

    • Jasper - Van Codling

    • Alice - Serena Pollard

    • Aro - Abby Duell

    • Jane - Riley Miller

    • Alec - Maddie Burke

  • The Werewolves

    • Jacob - John Buenavista

  • The Humans

    • Bella - Jamie Beers

    • Charlie - Van Codling

    • Jessica - Miriam Oderberg Moss

    • Mike - Noah Hazzard

    • Angela - Grace Heller

    • Ben - Conrad Spiekerman

    • Biology Teacher/Priest - Emma Daszkiewicz


  • Spotlight - Adam Frazier and Sofia Thompson

  • Stage Hands - Claire Hostetler, Elena Imel, and James Tittle