Production Information

Creative Team:

  • Music by Travis Frank
  • Lyrics by Travis Frank and Nora Germani
  • Book by Nora Germani
  • Direction by Nora Germani
  • Musical Direction bu Travis Frank
  • Choreography by Margaret Dauer
  • Conducted by Travis Frank
  • Stage Management by Amanda Balter


  • Jonathan Small - Sam Johns
  • Amy - Anna Vizzare
  • Zane Pine - Henry Whittington
  • Sarah Pike - Miriam Oderberg Moss
  • Matthew - Conrad Spiekerman
  • Sage - Sloane Roach
  • Daisy Gold - Sam Seaver
  • Hipsters - Eden Wenokur, Nicole Olmstead, Emma Hokoda, Quinn Smart, Betty Schwensen, Conner Walsh, Timothy Doorenbos
  • Featured Ensemble - Mitzi Adler-Wachter, Neve Levinson
  • Ensemble - Tiasha Datta, Rhys Hamlet, Grace Heller, Molly Whitson


  • Woodwind 1 (Flute) - Olivia Rea
  • Woodwind 2 (Flute/Piccolo/Alto Sax) - Nam Simran Boyd
  • Woodwind 3 (Clarinets in A/Bb) - Emma Casper
  • Woodwind 4 (Clarinet in Bb/Alto Sax) - Elena Imel
  • Woodwind 5 (Clarinet in Bb/Tenor Sax) - Lili Stevens
  • Woodwind 6 (Bassoon) - Claire Noble
  • Horn in F - Cole Pettit
  • Trumpet in Bb - Laura O'Bannon and Maddie Ewbank
  • Trombone - Aiyana Mehta
  • Euphonium/Tuba - Grace Paananen
  • Percussion 1 - Samuel Brosseau and Shannon Horst
  • Percussion 2 - Louise Heller, Jamie Sain, and Mason Lim
  • Harp - Isabelle Moore
  • Guitars - Tristan Smith
  • Electric Bass - Ruthmabel Boytz
  • Piano - Shannon Horst, Caroline Baker, and Travis Frank
  • Violin - Karina Cooper, Noah Hazzard, and Nan Wu
  • Viola - Ian Jammes and Rachel Liu
  • Cello - Eric Cooper and Chessa Casper
  • Double Bass - Stella Stannard and Barret Peck


  • Sound Technician - Mary Luken Raz
  • Lighting Technician - Amanda Balter
  • Communications Manager - Nora Germani
  • Stage Hands - Sofia Thompson, Sarah Dunn, Maddie McAllister, and Annie Tynan


After Jonathan Small, a naive young adult from North Dakota graduates from college with a degree in software engineering, he is presented with an opportunity that could change his life forever: a job with Microsoft, stationed in Seattle. Jonathan believes he will create a new, normal life for himself in Seattle, but of course, the Emerald City has never been quite normal.

Production History

Travis partnered with book-writer and co-lyricist Nora Germani to write and produce Emerald City.  The musical was developed immediately following the run of Day One: A Sherlock Story, and was produced as Black Tie Productions' 2014 Summer Musical.  After an incredibly successful run in July, the musical was mounted once more in September 2014 as a limited one-show revival, with the vast majority of the cast and orchestra returning for the second run.  The media here is from the original production.