March 2015

August 2015 - Revised Reading of Reprise

June 2015 - Super Iron Cooking Chef (with Hannah Probst)

March 2015 - Original Production of Reprise

March 2015

Travis Frank was born in 1997 to parents Lynnette and Mike Frank in Seattle, Washington.  Early in his childhood, Travis did not show a particularly large interest in music, and received no education in piano, voice, or other musical activity until later.

In the third grade, Travis was signed up for the inaugural musical production of The Magnolia Theatre, a local non-profit theatre that produced productions entirely with youth cast members.  This first show, Aladdin Jr., sparked Travis’ interest in the performing arts, and he went on to perform in every Magnolia Theatre production for the next six years.

In the fifth grade, Travis was gifted a small electric piano by his relatives, and after taking a keen interest in the device, he taught himself to read basic music with the included manuals.  Travis’ parents soon signed him up for piano lessons with Andrea Giles, a neighborhood piano teacher, and he continued to take piano lessons with Andrea for eight years.

During his middle school years, Travis partnered with close friend Amanda Balter to write and produce three short musicals based off of children’s books utilizing the music of popular artists.  The three musicals were all performed with the second grade class of the year, with Travis directing and Amanda stage managing.

After middle school, Travis attended Ingraham High School for his secondary education.  Upon graduation of middle school, Travis was no longer eligible to perform in The Magnolia Theater’s productions, though he did continue to study piano with Andrea.

In the ninth grade, Travis began performing in Ingraham’s musicals and plays, and he also performed in Holy Names Academy’s production of Once Upon a Mattress as Prince Dauntless.  Travis would continue to perform in nearly every Ingraham and Holy Names production throughout all four years of high school.  Before the end of the school year, Travis and friend Kirsten Westmoreland began to come up with the idea of a completely original parody musical of the Twilight saga; the idea that would eventually take form as Glitter: A Musical Parody.

Throughout the tenth grade, Travis and Kirsten developed and rehearsed Glitter, culminating with performances in April of 2013.  The show was a huge financial success, and the pair founded the Frank and Westmoreland Company with plans to continue writing together.  However, as Kirsten graduated and Travis continued at Ingraham, it became clear that the pair would be unable to collaborate in the near future, and so the name of the company was changed to Black Tie Productions.

Black Tie Productions ballooned and expanded exponentially after the success of Glitter, and Travis went on to operate as Executive Producer and Artistic Director of Black Tie Productions for the next three years.  Even as Travis worked towards his International Baccalaureate Diploma in the eleventh and twelfth grades and continued to perform in the Ingraham and Holy Names drama productions, Black Tie Productions and his work on new musicals was his focus.

In the spring of 2014 Black Tie Productions produced Day One: A Sherlock Story, a collaboration between Travis and friend Grace Heller based off of the novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Shortly after Day One, Travis approached playwright Nora Germani with an offer to cowrite a new musical for production in the summer of 2014.  The two created Emerald City, Travis’ first completely original musical.  In the spring of 2015, Travis and Nora again collaborated on Reprise, a musical adaptation of a previous work of Nora’s, and in the summer of 2015 he cowrote Super Iron Cooking Chef with a team of writers, including Nora and Grace, as well as new cowriters Noah Hazzard, Bretta Marie Blankenau, Amelia Miller, Conrad Spiekerman, and Henry Whittington.

As each new musical was written and produced, Black Tie Productions grew enormously.  The company quickly became completely self-sufficient, and under Travis’ leadership, show attendance consistently climbed, quality of material improved, and public acclaim for the new musicals became more and more clamorous.  In order to respond to the growing needs of the company, Travis brought on several staff, including old friend and stage manager Amanda Balter as Production Manager, choreographer Margaret Dauer as Artistic Associate, cowriter Nora Germani as Co-Executive Producer, and director Noah Hazzard as Managing Director.

During the twelfth grade, Travis was also asked to music direct a student-run production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at neighboring Ballard High School.  The show played in January of 2015.

After four years of secondary schooling at Ingraham, Travis graduated an IB Diploma recipient in June of 2015.  Before post-secondary school, however, Travis headed two more projects with Black Tie Productions.

As a fundraiser for Super Iron Cooking Chef, Travis mounted Black Tie Productions: A Musical Revue, a revue of his most popular writing with Black Tie Productions.  With a stable of new music from which to draw, performers from all around Seattle came together to sing Travis’ most renowned pieces.  And in August of 2015, Travis and Nora sponsored a reading of a revised version of Reprise, gathering feedback with which to improve the show.  Before leaving for college, Travis stepped down as Executive Producer and Artistic Director of Black Tie Productions and transferred the title to Nora.

In September of 2015, Travis began classes as a freshman at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  There he currently studies Contemporary Writing and Production and Jazz Composition.  At the moment Travis is also hard at work music directing the new musical The Queen’s Dilemma by Samuel J. Bernstein.  Performances are scheduled for February of 2016 in Boston.